This 360-degree panorama displays the early morning view of the beginning of Autumn from the 17th century Saint Michel de Braspartsthe in Brittany of France. The photographer started this multi-image stitched panorama from the left side. In the early moments of dawn the sky was still dark enough to see the cone shape zodiacal light, made by sunlight reflected from the dust in the solar system plane. To its right are winter constellations Orion and Canis Major reaching high in the sky. Pan across the lights pollution of various towns and villages in Brittany to reach the other side of the Milky Way band, crossed by a jet trail above the historic monument. As noted by the photographer “The day after the equinox was very clear, an opportunity to catch the zodiacal light in the pre-dawn sky. So, I woke up early and drove to Mont Saint Michel de Brasparts, a small mountain (381 m high) but almost the “top of the World” in my homeland Brittany!”



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