Damavand, the Roof of Iran, this wonderful peak which is rightly selected as symbol of this vast country. The peak is easily visible in good wheather condition from capital Tehran, and even desert around Kashan, or the Caspian Sea shores. When you travel to slopes of this volcano you feel calm in its hug and forget pains and sorrows that this country suffers. Many poets, writers, musicians and nowadays photographers have admired magnificence of Damavand and embraced it in their art. I dedicate this photo to my good friend Majid Ghohroudi, who with his interest and great perseverance creates many beautiful photos of the mountain. Wherever I look at Damavand I remember Majid and also my friend Oshin Zakarian. I learned from him that astrophotography is not only imaging the sky and milky way and capturing details of the background, but also composition & selecting the foreground is important.



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