Bright star Procyon is visible on the top left and prominent constellation Orion is at upper right. The south direction of the line connecting the three stars of Orion belt leads you to Sirius; the brightest star of the night sky. More toward the southern horizon bring us to southern constellation of Puppis. And just above the lights in the horizon the second brightest star of the night sky, Canopus, is faintly visible through dimming atmospheric layers along the reach winter Milky Way. Canopus is the Alpha star of the southern constellation Carina

From the photographer: “I like catching, observing and photographing Canopus from any location possible, especially difficult places where it’s barely above the horizon. From southern Turkey at latitude 36 degrees it is as difficult as it can get as Canopus doesn’t rise more than a degree. That night on Toros mountains was stunning. The winter Milky Way was crossing the sky, all the
way down to the horizon, where Canopus was shining through the thermal layer lit by Kas 50 km away.”



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