A photo composite of multiple exposures. From the photographer: “The Full Moon of 25 March 2024 was a bit special: It was the first Full Moon after the spring equinox. This so-called Paschal Full Moon is followed by Easters of the first Sunday afterward. I managed to capture this Full Moon rising from the extraordinary place, where the UNESCO heritage, the Spiš Castle, and towers of the Spiš Chapter (also called “The small Vatican”), were in a row with the rising equinox Moon. all of them illuminated by the setting Sun. This view occurs only twice a year, in both equinoxes of March and September. Since the weather is usually unfavorable, I am so happy I finally managed this symbolic view with (almost) clear sky after years of planning. The image was taken on 24 March, about 15 hours before the Full Moon phase (and penumbral lunar eclipse, which was not visible from my region) as on the day of the Full Moon the azimuth of moonrise was not favorable for this composition.”

Technical details:
Canon Ra, Samyang 70-200mm@200mm, f2.8, ISO 100, vary exposures, multiexposure from tripod (with 2-minutes-intervals)



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