The night sky is part of our nature, a heritage for all humanity to respect and to enjoy its majestic beauty. In this autumn night some of the brightest stars of night sky are captured above a small river in Iran’s Alborz Mountains. Move the slider on the image to see the celestial figures. Gemini or the twins with bright stars Castor and Pollux is at top left. The red planet Mars is visible to their lower left. Right below Gemini the small constellation of Canis Minor is presented by its bright star Procyon. Continue south toward the horizon and cross the faint winter Milky Way to meet Sirius, the brightest star of our night-time and alpha star of Canis Major or the Greater Dog. Heading upward from here find the three-in-line stars of Orion Belt and try to recognize the rest of the Hunter’s figure facing the furious bull, Taurus. The V figure at top right is the face of Taurus with bright red star Aldebaran as the bull’s eye. More toward the upper right corner, is Pleiades or the Seven Sister star cluster, riding on back of the bull.



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