The Summer Milky Way in the constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius shines above Arches National Park in Utah. “There is only one campground in Arches National Park, not nearly enough spaces for all who would like to have some nights there. When I arrived in late afternoon I was told the campground was full, and was now on a reservation only system, no more first come first served basis. Very disappointing for sure, but the ranger suggested I could drive into the campground and check in with the campground host to see if perhaps there might have been someone who did not show up for the night. Well I hit it lucky and managed to get 3 nights in the park. From the campground you can catch a glimpse of Skyline Arch, seen only in silhouette in the center of this shot. I had climbed on top of one the large rocks in the campground so I could get a better view of the arch in the dark. No moonlight this night, so the landscape became only blackness against the night sky. As I was taking this 30 second exposure, some late arriving campers pulled into the campground and their headlights swept across the scene, throwing light into the distant rocks. Not exactly what I wanted that night, but after seeing the image I realized it brought a sense of reality to the wonderful world where I had the pleasure of spending those three nights. Sometimes unplanned moments can add to the beauty of what we are trying to do out there in the dark.”



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