The northern lights captured over Alaska. As noted by the photographer “A magnetic storm is in progress, and the Earth’s magnetic field is folding and bending in the darkness. A massive electrical charge from the sun has been captured by those moving magnetic lines, creating an overhead light show unlike any other. Where those highly charged lines intersect the top of our air layer 60 miles overhead, giant walls of light are formed that race and dance across the sky. The moving charged magnetic lines trace out the unseen magnetic field with light as the auroral light climbs far up those magnetic walls. One can see exactly where those invisible magnetic field lines are in the darkness, since they have now become illuminated as they dance and fold across the sky. The background of stars this night are not the only witnesses to this magnificent dance. There are those of us that live in the far north, and we can look skyward directly up into the magnetic zenith and witness this magic and awesome event known as the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. We can witness this powerful event taking place right outside our homes. With my camera pointed straight up, and my head thrown back as well, I gaze straight up into the heavens, and have the feeling I am watching something that is not of this world. And in reality, it is not. It has come from space, energy exploded from our sun 93,000,000 miles away. This is what happens when those monstrous storms collide with our world. What a wonderful show!”



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