The evening twilight fades to the darkness of night above Lake Bakonybel in Hungary. The young Moon shines over the western horizon. The faint glow elongated from the horizon to top is the Zodiacal Light, sunlight reflected and forward scattered by the dust in the plane of the Solar System. Zodiacal Light is best visible under dark skies as a faint but large cone-shaped glow, along the ecliptic, right after the evening twilight or just before dawn. Note stars of constellation Taurus and Pleiades cluster located at top where the zodiacal light is fainted away.



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  • Mark Lee Reply

    Reminds me of the starlight of my youth…growing up on a farm with no street light anywhere to be seen..

    Wonderful picture…. :0)

    Thanks for posting…

    June 21, 2011 at 8:01 pm

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