As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day Comet Bradfield is easy to see on the left and the Comet C/2002 T7 LINEAR (lower right) appear fainter but still visible was visible to the naked eye at this morning twilight of the southern California. The two comets were visible in the same part of the sky at the same time in late April 2004. Comet C/2004 F4 (Bradfield) gave an unexpectedly good show as it receded from the Sun and Earth and fades from view. Its tail was estimated to be about 10 degrees long. Remembered by the photographer: “Comet Bradfield had a great view. It reminded many the similar shape (but much brighter) Ikeya-Seki, the Great great comet of 1965, which was amazing in the morning before twilight with its stunning tail straight up to almost zenith and then even after sunrise the comet nucleus was visible. I was in my senior year in high school at the time and remember seeing it in morning while waiting for the school bus here in Los Angeles.”



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