A Notable Photo of the 2015 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest

From the photographer: “The photo was taken in the Guangzhou city (Canton), the 3rd biggest city in China. It is not far away from Hong Kong. The tower in the photo is a landmark of the city, named Canton Tower. And Chinese people would like to call it Xiao Man Yao which means beauty waist in English because the curve of the tower is just like a beautiful lady. Like many big cities Guangzhou has heavy light pollution. And sometimes got mist due to air pollution. People in the city can seldom see stars in the night sky. But there’s still some days in a year we can catch a very clear sky. This photo is to tell people to remember the stars. In the right side of the photo there are trails from airplanes which were just took off from the airport.”

Luo Zhenyu


  • Photographer: Luo Zhenyu
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Date: 2014 July 17


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