The northern lights or Aurora Borealis photographed over Alaska in a clear moonlit night of November. From the photographer: “It was the night after Thanksgiving, and I was babysitting my grandson while my daughter was away spending some time with her twin, the visiting mom. So I had the house to myself, and when the little guy was sleeping, I took a peek outside and saw the auroras were lighting up the sky. I do love to shoot the auroras over a wilderness setting, as those seem to be the most photogenic, but by taking this photo I wanted to show that auroras here in the north can be seen right from your own backyard. Yes, there are actually people that live here in the north who can see auroras just going to and from work, see auroras from their homes, from their own backyards, without having to go ‘anywhere’ to see them. Just step outside. Just a simple soft slow moving aurora on this moonlit night, beneath an 11 day old moon. Sometimes simple is just enough. A wonderful place to call home.”



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