From the photographer: “This was one of the best auroral displays that I’ve seen since 2004 here in the Niagara region in southern Ontario.

After a quick check on our weather station website, in the afternoon leading up to the event, I saw the banner that alerted me that the sun was pretty active and that aurora was a possibility. So in the evening I set up my camera for sequenced exposures on my front steps facing north. It was initially cloudy but I knew that breaks were possible. It was worth clearing space on my memory card to take tons of frames that might later get deleted. Well after a good couple of hours, the high-cloud deck thinned out at the perfect time to reveal an incredible outburst. Incredible from our perspective being this far south. After scrolling through several hundred frames, I found a few favourite shots to share.

I’m glad that so many of you also took the opportunity to do the same thing and set up your camera to catch this display despite the clouds. It’s amazing that the sun is still two years away from the solar maximum so let’s look forward to more of these events happening.”

Technical details: Canon R6, iso1600, canon 17-40mm (33mm), F4, 18 seconds



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