From the photographer: “This picture is captured in the evening of 10 May 2024 from the location of Casera Razzo, an alpine pass located at 1800 m in the village of Vigo di Cadore, located in the northern Italian Alps. coordinates: lat. 46°30’04” 32N long 12° 28’24” 24E

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph the beautiful aurora borealis that began to show up even before the sky was completely dark. In the picture is visible the aurora and the Sar arch with the crescent moon in the left of the picture.

I had already witnessed a small northern lights last November 5 2023, but this one was absolutely more beautiful and exciting. The red and white bands could be seen perfectly with the naked eye, I could feel their movement and sudden change. I was so excited to witness this phenomenon, also because it was accompanied by the presence of the small crescent moon that later set behind the mountain. The peaks seen in the image are the Brentoni on the left, and the Terza Grande on the right.”

Technical details:
Nikon D750, Nikkor 20 mm, f/1,8
8 shots: exp. 20 seconds, iso 2500, f/2,2



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