From the photographer: “There are precarious equilibrium, almost defying the law of gravity, the Dolomite spiers of the Gendarmes degli Sforniòi stand on an aerial terrace, on one side in front of the most beautiful walls of the Bosconero and on the other in front of the Centro Cadore. In the dialect of Cibiana they are affectionately called I Pupe but I have always seen them as a Prince (left spire) together with his Princess (right spire).

Friday 28 October they finally managed to capture them together with the Moon at sunset, what better time with the Moon still in a better wedge in the growing way, where the ashen Light has highlighted the beautiful shapes of these two rock giants. And as if by magic the blue rim appeared for a few moments.

The shooting was carried out on the evening of 28 October 2022 at 19.00 local time (Laggio di Cadore, Dolomtii, Italy), at a distance from the mountain of 22 km as the crow flies.”

Technical details: Nikon D750 and Sigma 120-400 mm, focal leght 400 mm, 1 shot, exp 2,5 seconds, f/5,6, iso 2500



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