A moonlit night of Zion National Park. From the photographer “It’s one of those lovely national parks in Utah. It was nice to have moonlight this night as I faced north from just outside of the South Campground which is off to the left. You can see some of the lights from the campers staying overnight, camped back in the trees. Facing north up into Zion Canyon, just to the left of center behind the nearby ridge you can see the rounded top of the mountain they call the Beehive at 2104 meters height. Flowing out of the canyon towards me is the North Fork of the Virgin River, and you can see the path of the trees that have grown alongside the precious moisture in this near desert environment. It is always a treasured moment to be standing in the darkness alone, away from everyone else who is settled in for the night, with cameras packed away. Too bad they don’t realize what they are missing in the darkness. There is a stillness that cannot be known during the day, when people and traffic are never out of view.”



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  • JoeH Reply

    Very nice shot – I just returned from visiting Zion and Bryce in May. Every night was overcast so I missed any good opportunities to get some sky. Both places were awesome for photographers – just thought you have a nice shot here.

    June 11, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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