The Milky Way, air glow, and the zodiacal light appear above Kansas in this all-sky view made by a fish eye lens. As noted by the photographer “On the first night of the possible Hartley 2 meteor shower (2010 November 2), I went out to the St. Philippine Duchesne Memorial Park in Linn County, Kansas, and took an all-sky image with a film camera, using Fujicolor 400H negative. This film has nearly zero red sensitivity, as indicated by the lack of any red emission nebulosity, but it is very sharp and very fine grained. I caught no meteors, but did record something rather surprising: the zodiacal light lying along the south and southwest horizon (upper left), with the zodiacal band stretching through Jupiter (bright object at left) and swelling into the Gegenschein at the top of the image. Green airglow is also evident along the south east to southwest horizon. This is a 15 minute exposure at f/4.”



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