The timely composite HDR image shows a group of acrobats suspended from the height of 30 meters to represent the Sardana, the typical Catalan dance on the Rambla (the main Avenue) of Figueres (Catalonia). The ceremony was to open Figueres as a cultural capital of Catalonia in 2009. Figueres is known as the birthplace of the famous artist Salvador Dalí and the inventor of the submarine, Narcís Monturiol. In the background one can see stars and constellations typical of winter, as Orion constellation on the right and the bright star Sirius (just above the roofs), Constellation Taurus at top left, and to the left are the bright stars Procyon star and the twins of Gemini, Castor and Pollux. As described by the photographer “To capture this image I have used the HDR (High Definition Range) technique, with exposures from 30 seconds to capture the stars up to 1/8 seconds to show detail in the high lights.” Juan Carlos Casado/



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