A bright meteor appears above a basalt volcanic rock in Hungary as the Milky Way and starry sky fades away in the morning twilight. The photo is captured during the peak hours of Eta Aquariids meteor shower in early May. The shower is associated with Halley’s Comet and got its name because the shower radiant appears to lie in the constellation Aquarius, near one of the constellation’s brightest stars, Eta Aquarii. As noted by the photographer “This is a huge and unique cross section of basalt columns known as Hegyestű. This place is also a former basalt mine, in which you can see the inside of a volcano formed 5-6 million years ago. Visitors can walk in the volcanic crater. These basalt columns of at least 50 m high are unique in Hungary and rare even in the whole Europe, but this is the typical formations of Balaton Uplands.”



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