A moonlit night of Yellowstone National Park, a World Heritage Site in Wyoming, USA. From the photographer: “The formation of Pallet Spring, in the Mammoth Hot Springs area of Yellowstone. A calcium carbonate deposit tinted into brown, orange, red and green by the algae that thrive in the very hot water that vents up through the ground in this spot. Hundreds of years of shifting deposits form one of the features of the largest known carbonate depositing springs in the world. This evening, like most night shooting in the national parks, one has the place to oneself. The crowd of day visitors have retreated for the night, but for those of us that see the world a bit different, we also get to experience the world a bit different as well. The darkness, illuminated only by moonlight, shows a world not seen by most. To be shooting there in the dark, being surrounded by bugling elk in rut unseen in the near distance, is about as eerie as one can imagine. Such a haunting sound filling the darkness and the silence of night. But yet it is the beauty that brings you there, and holds you there, despite your concerns about wildlife. The world at night. How lovely is that!”



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