Bright star Capella in constellation Auriga shines above Perforated Pool in Yellowstone National Park. From the photographer “The pool is located in the West Thumb Geyser Basin, in the southern part of the park, near Grant Village. The moon had not yet risen this night, and this was one of the eeriest places I had been hiking around in the park in the dark. I knew that around me were bugling bull elk, I could hear them, plus buffalo as well. Then there is always those darn bears that should not be there, but can be there. Amazing how meager a small flashlight can seem when out there in a pitch dark forest alone. But this was a shot I wanted, and I scouted it out during the daylight hours. So I drove back to the empty parking lot in the dark. Then walked in to the geysers. Around the edge of the pool the ground is covered with the white of calcium deposits, which illuminated nicely with a quick sweep of my head lamp. I knew I was pretty much facing east during this shot, as Yellowstone Lake is only a hundred meters away or so out in front of me. Looking at a map, it seems the only light source out that way for the reddish glow on the horizon would be the very distant city of Cody, Wyoming. The steaming mist rising up from the hot pool adds a nice touch of mystery to the shot.”



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  • Doug Z Reply

    This image is also notable for the presence of green airglow

    September 5, 2015 at 9:13 am

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