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August 2017                                                       

The Eclipse Across America



The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 August 21, the Great American Eclipse, as photographed by TWAN photographers on the ground and in the air.



Stanley Lake Eclipse (Miguel Claro)

A telephoto composite image of various exposures shows the extensive structure of the solar corona, photographed from Stanley Lake in Idaho.

Site: Idaho - USA    Spot: Sawtooth Mountains




Smith Rock Total Eclipse (Babak A. Tafreshi)

On the eclipse day I was flying some 400km off the coast to capture the first photos of the eclipse before it hits the US but my other cameras were ground-based and programmed to capture the scene automatically.

Site: Oregon - USA     Spot: Smith Rock State Park




Night Hours and Eclipse Day (Stephane Vetter)

From the photographer: "The path of the Sun every 15 minutes and a circumpolar star trail of about 4 hours the night before the eclipse."

Site: Oregon - USA     Spot: Malheur National Forest




Normandy Eclipse Sunset (Gernot Meiser)

The partially eclipsed sun on the evening of 2017 August 21 sets behind the World Heritage Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France.

Site: Normandy - France     Spot: Mont Saint-Michel



Totality, From the Earth to the Sky (Tunc Tezel)

an impressively detailed telescopic photo of the eclipse including giant prominences, the Baily's Beads, and inner corona.

Site: Idaho - USA     Spot: Sawtooth Mountains



Stratosphere Eclipse View (Babak A. Tafreshi)

From the photographer: "The view through the windows of a G650 jet, 45000 ft high above Pacific Ocean. I was on assignment for National Geographic to capture the first photographs of the eclipse before it hits the coast and then across the US."

Site: Pacific Ocean



Idaho under the Moon Shadow (Jeff Dai)

From the photographer: "It was absolutely clear, much better than the eclipse view of 2009 in China and 2016 in Indonesia. I enjoyed the corona very much and some students in my group even cried during totality."

Site: Idaho - USA




Teton Eclipse (Alan Dyer)

Wide angle view of the total solar eclipse above the Teton Range as imaged from Driggs, Idaho.

Site: Idaho - USA




Midday Darkness (Kwon O Chul)

A fisheye all-sky view during the 2-minute total solar eclipse, from Shoshoni, Wyoming.

Site: Wyoming - USA





 More Photos of Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 August 21



Eastern Oregon Totality

Stephane Vetter


First Glimpse to the
Great American Eclipse

Babak A. Tafreshi



The Last Bit of Eclipse

by: Gernot Meiser



Stanley Lake Eclipse

by: Miguel Claro


A Single Photo of the Eclipse

Yuri Beletsky



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