Orion Over and Under Tibet

By: Jeff Dai


Region: Asia

Site: Tibet - China

Spot: Shigatse

Date: 2014 September 27

As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day, Orion always comes up sideways, but this single deep exposure brings out many sky wonders normally beyond human vision. The red arc across the constellation Orion is a huge emission nebula known as the Barnard's Loop. The Horsehead Nebula is also visible near the famous belt stars, and to the right is the Great Orion Nebula or M42. The most surprising thing is that both the stars and nebulae of the hunter are beautifully reflected in the pool’s calm waters.
As added by the photographer:"The image is achieved by classical single exposure. I used a modified DSLR and the skyglow filter to increase the nebulosity contrast. Photo processing of this photo is challenging. It took a long time to bridle this strongly sensitive but rebellious colors".
Photo Details:
Camera: Canon EOS 6D DSLR (Astro modified);
Lens: Samyang 35mm f1.4
Filter: Astronomik CLS Filter + Cokin P820 Soft filter;
Single exposure of 30 seconds on Skytracker equatorial mount, ISO 5000, and 35mm lens at f2.

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