UFO or Rocket

By: Jeff Dai


Region: Asia

Site: Tibet - China

Spot: Lhasa

Date: 2015 October 8

Comments: 1

What is this bizarre object in the sky? A UFO or a rocket? From the photographer: "On the night of 2015 October 8, sky watchers in Asia witnessed a mysterious apparition. A number of point-like objects flew through the night sky accompanied, in some cases, by a luminous nebula. TWAN-China photographer captured it moving over the Ganden Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet.
As explained on Spaceweather website, the sightings were related to the launch of NOSS 3-7, a pair of surveillance satellites belonging to the National Reconnaissance Office. The lower solid streak in the photo was left by the NOSS payloads. The upper bright streak is the Centaur that deployed the NOSS into their 63.4 deg, 1100 x 1200 km orbit. The Centaur appears to have been in the midst of the first of two burns to maneuver its orbit." Jeff Dai
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