Pillars of Creation

By: Ajay Talwar


Region: Asia

Site: Uttarakhand - India

Spot: Devasthal Peak

Date: October 2012

From the photographer: "Atop the 2540 meters high Devasthal Peak in Uttarakhand Himalayas, India, the tall pillars are being erected to create the largest telescope in India. A 3.6 meter segmented optical telescope to be operational by late 2013. The site has been nicknamed as DOT, or Devasthal Optical Telescope. The circumpolar star trails in the sky span the entire true night, between the end of evening astronomical twilight and the start of morning astronomical twilight, 9hr 41min. Dhruv Tara, the Pole Star in Hindi, has rotated around the celestial pole by 145 degrees." Ajay Talwar

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