Reflecting on the Moon and Venus

By: Thad VSoske


Region: Americas

Site: Colorado - USA

Date: 2011 November 26

Venus and the moon highlight this peaceful evening scene in western Colorado, USA. The foreground hill appears in stark silhouette against the cobalt blue twilight sky as seen from this conservation area. Most prominently visible in the sky here is a young crescent moon, 1.78-days into its monthly lunation, followed by the 'evening star' - our luminous planetary neighbor Venus. A few background stars of the constellation Sagittarius can be seen as well. At the time and place where this image was captured only 4.4-percent of the lunar disk appeared directly sunlit, leaving the rest of the Earth-facing moon in the shadow of night, softly illuminated by 'Earthshine'

Many fine photographic examples of Earthshine (sunlight reflected by Earth onto the moon's surface) can be seen right here in the galleries of TWAN's very own photographers and also in photos selected for the TWAN Guest Gallery. The next time you notice a thin crescent moon in your night sky, be it waxing or waning in its phase, see if you can observe the same phenomenon that was documented by Leonardo Da Vinci back in the early 1500's. Thad VSoske

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