Jupiter over the Maroon Bells

By: Thad VSoske


Region: Americas

Site: Elk Mountains - USA

Date: 2010 September 30

South and North Maroon Peaks (the Maroon Bells) are pictured here above the glassy reflections of Maroon Lake. These sedimentary rock peaks are located in Colorado's Elk Mountains and are included on the list of Colorado's numerous "fourteeners" - peaks having an elevation of more than 14,000 ft (4,267 meters).
The world-renowned Maroon Bells of Colorado inspired even mighty Jupiter for a close look on Sept 30, 2010. When this fall color photograph was taken Jupiter was shining at a brilliant magnitude of -2.92. The gas giant's recent closest orbit to Earth had occurred on Sept 21, 2010 - our 5th planet's closest "opposition" to Earth for nearly 59 years. Even the planet Uranus can be seen in this image, just above and behind Jupiter, where its distance of more than 19 astronomical units makes it appear as a background 'star' shining at magnitude 5.73. Thad VSoske

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