Lunar Corona on a Snowy Night

By: Dennis Mammana


Region: Polar Regions

Site: Fairbanks - Alaska - USA

Date: 2003 March 14


From the photographer "Around 2:52 on the frigid morning of Friday, March 14, 2003, while I was patiently waiting for an aurora display to break through the cirrus cloud layer north of Fairbanks, Alaska, light from the waxing gibbous moon interacted with the cloud droplets and high ice crystals to create another colorful scene―a lunar corona. The bright "star" to the left of the overexposed moon is the planet Jupiter, while the two fainter stars to its right are the "twin" stars of the constellation Gemini: Pollux and Castor. Tail lights from a passing car complete the scene. To reproduce more faithfully what the human eye actually saw, I processed two separate exposures differently―one of the sky and one of the terrain taken only seconds apart―and gently blended them into one." Dennis Mammana/

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