From the Fire

By: LeRoy Zimmerman


Region: Polar Regions

Site: Denali National Park - Alaska - USA


Dancing northern lights above Alaska. As noted by the photographer "It was a dark clear night near the entrance of Denali National Park. The only illumination came from the aurora overhead. There was some light from distant stars dotting the sky, but it was the light from the auroras that filled in the darkness of my film that night. I realized that all that light I was seeing that evening was being generated by distant fires, fires on the burning stars, and the nuclear fires of our own sun, our closest star. Energy impacting our earth, igniting our skies with glowing particles of atmospheric gases. The light that was appearing in the darkness that night was all coming from the fires of other worlds. Amazing to think about the connection we all share to things so far away." LeRoy Zimmerman/

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