Drifting Apart

By: LeRoy Zimmerman


Region: Polar Regions

Site: Fairbanks - Alaska - USA



A moonlit evening on Cleary Summit, about 30 km north of Fairbanks, Alaska. As noted by the photographer "It was fairly easy to get to this spot by walking down a hard packed snow machine trail, and stand in among the small black spruce trees that dot our hilltops. The moonlight that night was not only illuminating the snow, but illuminating the sky itself. Just as sunlight can make the sky appear blue, so it is with moonlight as well. But the blueness of the moonlit sky at night is not bright enough to hide the stars and auroras from view. When I began shooting this aurora, there was only a single band disappearing out of view behind the western horizon. But as the aurora started to move, it began to separate and peal off some soft bands that started drifting towards the north. A delicate dance of light in the moonlit evening. Standing there in the silence and cold, watching the aurora drifting apart." LeRoy Zimmerman/Photosymphony.com

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