Matterhorn Winter Night

By: Bernd Proschold


Region: Europe

Site: Mount Matterhorn - Switzerland

Date: February 2009

Comments: 1

The time-lapse video displays a winter night over Matterhorn in the Alps. With an altitude of 4477m the spectacular Mount Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in the Alps, located at the border of Italy and Switzerland. Due to its peaked shape it is famous all over the world. The shot shows the Winter Milky Way and the light of the rising moon. Astronomical time-lapse work in this area is difficult in wintertime because snowcats illuminate the mountain in unsteady time-lags. To support the shot the skiing company did not prepare the tracks near the shooting location. The photographer faced difficult weather conditions with temperatures as low as -22 degree Celsius. Bernd Pröschold/

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