Air Brushed

By: LeRoy Zimmerman


Region: Polar Regions

Site: Chugach Mountains - Alaska - USA


Northern lights above landscape of Knik Glacier. The Glacier is located just 80 km north of Anchorage, Alaska on the northern end of the Chugach Mountains. it is one of the largest glaciers in south-central Alaska. As described by the panoramic photographer "Looking east up the Knik Valley I realized I was seeing one of the softest aurora displays I had ever seen. There was plenty of auroral movement, and plenty of auroral shapes, but all the light had such a soft edge to it, it almost looked cloud like. Yet there were only a few wisps of clouds one could see silhouetted against the aurora that caught some of the moonlight that night. It was as though the air had been brushed with light, auroras softly airbrushed against against the dark sky. The brighter part of the aurora near the center appeared to be directly over the distant Knik Glacier itself, although in reality it was at least 400 miles further away to the east out near Canada. At times it is hard to truly grasp the size of the auroras we can see from this world. The monstrous lights they really are at times gets swallowed up against the backdrop of the universe that surrounds us all. But the beauty of those different worlds mixed together in a night scene is enough to leave one in wonder, night after night". LeRoy Zimmerman/

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