The World at Night 2016 Most Viewed Photos and Videos

2016 December 27: During 2016 TWAN website had about a million views from all across the world. There are currently about 4700 fine selected photos and time-lapse videos on TWAN galleries and about 2250 photos in the Guest Gallery. TWAN imagery is increasing by the support of The World at Night dedicated photographers.





















                Most Viewed Photos 

Listed below are the most viewed photos and videos during 2016 by our global visitors:



Mars and Saturn in Retrograde Motion (composite)

By: Tunc Tezel

Wandering Mars and Saturn spent much of 2016 remarkably close together in the Earth night sky.



Baku Analemma

By: Tunc Tezel

One full year of solar motion is captured in this multi-exposure analemma image from shore of the Caspian Sea in Baku, Azerbaijan.



The Milky Way: Winter vs. Summer

By: Kwon O Chul

In northern hemisphere the summer nights is the time we look in the direction of the center of our Galaxy, and the brightest region of the Milky Way is facing us (right). Then in winter we see the opposite direction and the Milky Way is only a dim patch of light (left).



Lights from Otherworld

By: Yuichi Takasaka

Through a window in the clouds aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) appear in a spooky form over winter landscape of northern Canada.



When the Storm Arrives

By: Juan Carlos Casado

Dramatic aurora display is captured in this panoramic view from the Gullfoss waterfalls in Iceland.



The First Ever Analemma

By: Dennis di Cicco

This analemma was built up by Sun photographs taken from February 27, 1978 to February 17, 1979 from New England, USA.



Paddle on the Starry Lake

By: Ben Canales

Paddling at night in a star-filled lake near Mount Hood, Oregon.



Surreal Nightscape

By: Ben Canales

An experiment of the ISO abilities of the then-new Canon 1Dx led to this surreal moment in the snow filled crater of an extinct volcano.



A Wild Visitor From Deep Space

By: Babak A. Tafreshi

More than 4000 years ago this remote in-land area of Australia was hit by over a dozen fragments of huge meteorites. The largest body left a 180-meter crater, and the rest made smaller holes.



Panoramic Milky Way from ALMA

By: Miguel Claro

The arc of the Milky Way, the Zodiacal Light crossing the sky, and both Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, all framed in this panoramic view from 5000 meters high on chajnantor plateau in northern Chile.




                Sky in Motion 

In the timelapse category the two most popular videos during the year are:



By: Ben Canales


Ice Dancing

By: Stephane Vetter





                In the Guest Gallery 

The yearĺs most viewed photos on TWAN Guest Gallery:


1  Man on the Moon        By: Dani Caxete

From the photographer: "The photograph took only 1/320 seconds, but the preparation and study was about two months."


2  The Aurora Hunter        By: Glenn Miles

From the photographer: "I captured this image of the aurora over the ancient rocks at ballintoy on the north coast of N.Ireland."


3  Starry Night of the Sacred Mountain        By: Haitong Yu

From the photographer: "A starry night on China's Tibetan Plateau at an elevation above 4100m / 13450ft, at Yading village."


4  Milky Way over Damavand Peak        By: M.Taha Ghouchkanlu

From the photographer: "Our glorious Galaxy rises over the majestic symbol of Iran (Mt Damavand)."


5  Supermoon above Maniace Castle        By: Dario Giannobile

From the photographer: "August 2015 Supermoon above Maniace Castle Siracusa Unesco World Heritage Site."


6  Joy of a Starry Night        By: Rui Weng

From the photographer: "Standing under the stars, to me is a world full of joy."


7  Star Trail Night        By: Dinesh Nisang

From the photographer: "Eastern Star trail over Chitrakote fall, India."


8  Milky Way High Above Argentina        By: Sergio Emilio Mont˙far Codo˝er

From the photographer: "Flying over Argentina, I was able to get some moments of no turbulence and capture the Milky Way with a spaceship view!"


9  Share the Night With You        By: Xiaoshan Huang

From the photographer: "Although those nights watching stars alone are some of great private joy, sharing starry night with your friends is another pleasure."


10  Milky Way Glory in Central Desert of Iran        By: Amir Shahcheraghian

From the photographer: "Milkyway glory in central desert of Iran, where is far from any major light pollution."



                Top Visiting Countries

The top ten visiting countries to TWAN website during 2016 include:


  • USA 32%

  • Germany 5%

  • Iran 4%

  • UK 4%

  • China 4%

  • Spain 4%

  • Canada 4%

  • France 3%

  • Italy 3%

  • Russia 3%

And most visiting cities to TWAN website:

  • Moscow

  • London

  • Beijing

  • Tehran

  • Los Angeles

  • Seoul

  • Bursa

  • Madrid

  • New York

  • Melbourne