The World at Night 2015 Most Viewed Photos and Videos

2015 December 30: During the year 2015 TWAN website had about a million views from all around the world (over 200 countries and territories). There are currently about 4250 fine selected photos and time-lapse videos on TWAN galleries and over 2000 photos in the Guest Gallery. TWAN imagery is increasing by the support of The World at Night dedicated photographers.





















                Most Viewed Photos 

Listed below are the most viewed photos and videos during 2015 by our global visitors:



From the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

By: Wally Pacholka

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River is embraced by night. The summer Milky Way shines in the dark starry sky of this World Heritage Site in northern Arizona, USA.



Arctic Eclipse in Fulldome

By: Tunc Tezel

A fisheye view (fulldome) of the 2015 March 20 total solar eclipse from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, at 78 degrees north.



A Colorful Night of Iceland

By: Babak A. Tafreshi

A major solar storm that reached the earth on 2015 march 17-18 generated impressive aurora displays.



The Milky Way: Winter vs. Summer

By: Kwon O Chul

In northern hemisphere the summer nights is the time we look in the direction of the center of our Galaxy, and the brightest region of the Milky Way is facing us (right). Then in winter we see the opposite direction and the Milky Way is only a dim patch of light (left).



Baku Analemma

By: Tunc Tezel

One full year of solar motion is captured in this multi-exposure analemma image from shore of the Caspian Sea in Baku, Azerbaijan.



Eclipse Sequence Over Africa

By: Fred Espenak

Two cameras were used to create this dramatic view of the June 2001 total solar eclipse above Chisamba, Zambia. One camera captured totality and a thorn acacia tree while the second camera recorded the partial phases at 5 minute intervals through a solar filte.



Night Hides a World But Reveals a Universe

By: Babak A. Tafreshi

The Milky Way and planet Venus in the evening twilight over Lake Turkana, northern Kenya.



The First Ever Analemma

By: Dennis di Cicco

This analemma was built up by Sun photographs taken from February 27, 1978 to February 17, 1979 from New England, USA.



Milky Way from 5000 Meters High

By: Babak A. Tafreshi

The Milky Way in the morning twilight from altitude of over 5,000 meters on Chajnantor Plateau in the Chilean Andes; the site for the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).



Castle Moonset

By: Tamas Ladanyi

A photo sequence of the setting crescent moon in the evening sky of Veszprem Castle in Hungary.



                Sky in Motion 

In the timelapse category the two most popular videos during the year are:

Starry Night of Shira Plateau

By: Kwon O Chul


Clouds vs Noctilucent Clouds

By:P-M Heden



                In the Guest Gallery 

The year’s most viewed photos on TWAN Guest Gallery:

1  Stairway to Heaven        By: Omer Gul

From the photographer: "The Milky way Rises above Kaghan valley in Pakistan, just before Dawn."


2  A Moment Before Dawn        By: Xiaoshan Huang

From the photographer: "Mount Emei is famous for its magnificent view of sunrise and delicate architectures. Every sunny morning, hundreds of people get up early to watch the sunrise."


3  Ghost Cloud        By: Martin Mark

From the photographer: "The headlights of a passing car illuminated the trees and a small ghost cloud was flying around being the only cloud in the sky."


4  Star Eruption of Elbrus        By: Boris Dmitriev

From the photographer: "The Milky Way appears standing on top of the Mount Elbrus about midnight, right after setting of the Moon over the Greater Caucasus Range."


5  The Night Full of Light        By: Giorgia Hofer

From the photographer: "The town of Cortina brightens up the slopes of the mountains that surround it."


6  Light River in the Heaven and on Earth        By: Giorgia Hofer

From the photographer: "The river of Milky Way stars is opposed to the river of light that men created on the earth."


7  Starry Night over Baobab        By: M. Taha Ghouchkanlu

From the photographer: "I took this photo in an amazing site in dreamy dark night near a fantastic tree."


8  Lucky Shot        By: Martin Mark

From the photographer: "I was lucky to capture the biggest meteor I have ever seen. It fell about 5 seconds to a perfect composition and as a bonus also created a reflection on the pond around the small island my summer cabin is located."


9  Trees Capturing Northern Lights        By: Lluis Romero

From the photographer: "I saw an amazing northern outburst of the northern lights under the forest trees, with plenty of colors."


10  Night in Motion        By: Brandon Giesbrecht

From the photographer: "The image is a composite of 350 single exposures during a timespan of 3 hours and it shows the trails of the stars, and also many light trails left by fireflies."



                Top Visiting Countries

The top ten visiting countries to TWAN website during 2015 include:

  • USA 31%

  • Spain 6%

  • UK 5%

  • Germany 5%

  • Iran 4%

  • Poland 3%

  • China 3%

  • Canada 3%

  • France 3%

  • India 3%

And most visiting cities to TWAN website:

  • Madrid

  • London
    New York

  • New Delhi

  • Los Angeles

  • Tehran

  • Seoul

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Barcelona