Solstice Star Trails at Dinosaur Park

By: Alan Dyer


Region: Americas

Site: Alberta - Canada

Spot: Dinosaur Provincial Park

Date: 2015 June 15

From the photographer: "Summer solstice twilight and circumpolar star trails over the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta. Some bright noctilucent clouds are visible low on the northern horizon. I shot this on June 15, 2015 as part of a shoot for a star trail video tutorial, as an example image.
This is a stack of the first 200 frames of 275 shot for a time-lapse, each 15 seconds at f/2.8 with the Rokinon 14mm lens and Canon 6D at ISO 1600. I stacked them in Photoshop using the Advanced Stacker Actions with its Ultrastreak mode. The foreground comes from a mean blend of the first 8 frames, to smooth noise, and to provide a brighter foreground from early in the sequence when the sky and ground were brighter." Alan Dyer,

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