A Wild Visitor From Deep Space

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Australia and Pacific

Site: Henbury Craters - Australia

Date: July 2015

Comments: 2

Seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day. From the photographer: "More than 4000 years ago this remote in-land area of Australia was hit by over a dozen fragments of huge meteorites. The largest body left a 180-meter crater, and the rest made smaller holes. The site of Henbury Craters in Northwest Territories was indeed one of the darkest places I have been to. Looking 360 degrees around the horizon the only "light dome" visible was a gentle glow a few degrees over the southern horizon which soon turned out to be the Large Magellanic Cloud!" Babak Tafreshi,
Read more about this image on Bad Astronomy blog by Phil Plait.

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