Star Trails Over Tower Scuderi

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Euboea - Greece

Date: October 2014

This long-exposure image from the Greek island of Euboea (Euvoia) captures more than three hours of the night sky, creating a circular pattern of stars as Earth rotates about the North Pole. From the photographer: "One of the most basic types of astrophotography and yet equally stunning is that involving star trails, particularly around the celestial poles ... Many star photos are centered on Polaris, a double star system which represents our quickest means to locating the north celestial pole ... One of the many historic towers which characterize Greece's second largest island, Euvoia, is Tower Scuderi lying at the base of Mt Dirfy, believed to have been built in the 16th century during the Ottoman period." Anthony Ayiomamitis,

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