Star Trails over a Greek Pyramid

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Argolis - Greece

Date: July 2014

A time-exposure image shows the rotating sky (star trails) around the north celestial pole, marked by Polaris. From the photographer: "Although pyramids are widely associated with Egypt, there exist sixteen examples of pyramids across Greece! Perhaps the most well preserved example of a greek pyramid is that at Hellinikon which is situated approximately 155 km southwest of Athens and less than 10 km from legendary Argos. The Pyramid at Hellinikon is built between the 6th and 4th centuries but there are other speculated estimations which date it back to over 4700 years ago. The pyramid is smaller than the Egyptian kind. Its longer side is about 15 m and it rises to 3.5 m in height. Although various uses have been cited including for astronomy, the most probable scenario suggests a mass burial site for fallen warriors." Anthony Ayiomamitis,

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