Mars and Blossoms

By: Tamas Ladanyi


Region: Europe

Site: Veszprem - Hungary

Date: 2014 April 7


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Spring nightscape in a moonlit night of Tapolca basin near Lake Balaton in Hungary. The volcanic hills of the basin appear in the background of blossoms and rapeseed flowers. In the sky Mars is in the middle, shining at its brightest during opposition (closest to the Earth, happen every 26 months). Bright blue star Spica is below Mars. Click on the constellation icon above the image to see the labels where you find two other members of our Solar System in this wide-field view: Saturn and asteroid Vesta! For centuries poets, novelists and painters have been calling Badacsony (that includes Tapolca basin) the most beautiful landscape in Hungary. Tamas Ladanyi,

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