Lake Iznik Winter Night

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Middle East

Site: Bursa - Turkey

Spot: Lake Iznik

Date: 2014 Feb 4

This wide-angle view from Lake Iznik, near Bursa, Turkey, displays bright winter stars, planet Jupiter (the brightest point) and the Milky Way. Lake Iznik is one of the largest lakes in Turkey, about 12 km wide and 30 km long and its southern shore is defined by the southern branch of North Anatolian Fault. The big rock in the foreground is known as Sarikaya (meaning Yellow Rock) which rises 85 meters from the lake and is a favorite spot for rock climbers.
As noted by the photographer: "This spot and Lake Iznik in general reminds me of Lake Taupo in New Zealand. Lake Taupo and vegetation around it looks very similar to Iznik in daytime, poplars, pines, willows, olives. The night in Lake Taupo looks different of course, as in this picture." Tunc Tezel

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