Galactic Plane and the Tetons

By: Wally Pacholka


Region: Americas

Site: Grand Teton - USA

Date: July 2013

Comments: 1

A starry night at the foot of Grand Teton mountains (Grand Teton National Park), Wyoming, USA. These are relatively isolated set of high magnificent peaks that are part of the Rocky Mountains. Our Galactic Plane appears to crash into the Tetons. Bright star Antares at the heart of the celestial scorpion appears next to the Milky Way's bright central bulge. Arcturus in the middle is the brightest star in the view. The panorama ends at right with the seven stars of Big Dipper (a prominent figure of constellation Ursa Major). The pale green cast in the sky might resemble aurora but its airglow; natural emission of the Earth upper atmosphere. Wally Pacholka,

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