Apollo Analemma

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Corinthia - Greece

Date: 2003


As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day this remarkable record of the Sun's yearly journey through planet Earth's sky, made with planned multiple exposures captured on a single frame of a film. Exposures were made at the same time of day (9:00am local time), capturing the Sun's position on dates from January 7 through December 20, 2003. The multiple suns trace an intersecting curve known as an analemma. A foreground base exposure of the Temple of Apollo in ancient Corinth, Greece, appropriate for an analemma, was digitally merged with the film image. Equinox dates correspond to the middle points (not the intersection point) of the analemma. Summer and winter solstices are at analemma top and bottom. Although analemmas do not represent the night sky or the world at night they are published on TWAN because of their strong and unique educational aspect in astronomy and their challenging route in astrophotography. See the diverse collection of TWAN Analemma Images. Anthony Ayiomamitis, Perseus.gr

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