Moon Trio

By: Tamas Ladanyi


Region: Europe

Site: Veszprem - Hungary

Date: 2013 June 23

Selected as one of the Best 2013 Space Photos by the National Geographic News, a trio of spooky supermoons appear to magically rise over the Calvary of Veszprémfajsz near Lake Balaton, Hungary, in this multi-exposure image through an 800mm telephoto objective. The orange-red color can occur when the moon rises or sets, and is caused by moonlight refracting off particles of dust and pollution in Earth's atmosphere. The term "supermoon" describes a full moon that coincides with perigee. The photographed full moon of 2013 June 23 was the largest of the year. However contrary to what the word supermoon might resemble, the angular size of the moon does not change that much. It's not noticeable to inexperienced eyes compared to other full moons of the year. Supermoons holds a record but they are just slightly larger in apparent size. Tamas Ladanyi,

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