The Summer Triangle Over Catalonia

By: Juan Carlos Casado


Region: Europe

Site: Catalonia - Spain

Date: August 2011

Comments: 1

As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day stars of a summer night in northern hemisphere are captured above Catalonia, Spain. Can you find the Summer Triangle? It's not hard to find this famous triangle of stars this time of year from northern locations. Just look straight up after sunset and find three of the brightest stars in the sky that nearly form a triangle. The three stars that form the vertexes of the Summer Triangle are Vega, Deneb, and Altair. Pictured above is a 360 degree panorama framing not only the Summer Triangle but the great arch of our Milky Way Galaxy. The image was taken in front of a small river that encircles the historic town of Sant LlorenÁ de la Muga in Catalonia, northeastern Spain. Juan Carlos Casado/

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