Eclipsed Moon in the Milky Way

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Middle East

Site: Alborz Mountains - Iran

Spot: Firouzkooh

Date: 2011 June 15

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On June 15, 2011 the totally eclipsed Moon was very dark, with the Moon itself positioned on the sky toward the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The red lunar disk lies in the constellation Ophiuchus near the border with Scorpius and Sagittarius. Click on the star-pattern icon above the image to see a stunning panorama of the red eclipsed moon and deep sky objects in this part of the sky. As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day and selected as one of the Best 2011 Space Photos by National Geographic News, the dark red eclipsed Moon competes with the Milky Way's faint glow. Babak Tafreshi/

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