Antipodes Milky Way

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Middle East

Site: Cape Gelidonya - Turkey

Date: 2010 March 18 & 2010 July 13

A starry night in Antalya province of Turkey (top) is combined with a similar view of the Milky Way made from the island of Mangaia in the southern hemisphere (shown up side down). The comparing pair display how the same part of the Milky Way appear to rise above the horizon of northern and southern hemisphere. As noted by the photographer "This is an antipodean look at the same stretch of the Milky Way. Antalya and Mangaia are not exactly antipodes, but it is close enough to make this comparing view." Southern panorama taken from Mangaia, Cook Islands can be seen here, in its correct orientation. Tunc Tezel

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