Meteor and Aldebaran

By: Wally Pacholka


Region: Americas

Site: Mount Lassen - USA

Date: August 2010

A "shooting star" of the Perseid Meteor Shower streaks the starry sky above Manzanita Lake in the Mount Lassen National Park, California. Note the rising stars of the constellation Taurus including the Pleiades star cluster (Seven Sisters) near the top and the V-figure of Taurus (the Bull's face) below it. The brightest star in this image is Aldebaran (in the V-figure), the alpha star of Taurus, with eye-catching reflection on the calm waters. The name Aldebaran is from an Arabic word for "the follower", because this bright star appears to follow the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters star cluster in the night sky. Aldebaran is also called the Bull's Eye because of its striking orange color and its location as the eye of the bull in the constellation figure of Taurus. Wally Pacholka/

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