Trails to and above Alamut

By: Amir H. Abolfath


Region: Middle East

Site: Alborz Mountains - Iran

Spot: Alamut Valley

Date: 2010 August 13

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A long accumulated exposure, made of adding several hundred continues shots, is resulted in this star brimming image. As the image was made during Perseid meteor shower a number of meteors are also captured among the startrails. There are more trails on the ground, made by people who were trekking up to Alamut fortress by flash light. The historic Alamut Fortress (2160 m) is found in Alborz Mountains of Iran. It was was built into the rock in the 9th century. The name means Eagle's Nest. Home of the legendary Assassins featured in the adventure movie Prince of Persia, Alamut was also historically a center for libraries and education. For a time, it was the residence of important 13th century Persian scholar and astronomer Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (or simply known as Tusi). Amir Abolfath -

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