All Sky View in Virtual Reality

By: Laurent Laveder


Region: Europe

Site: Brittany - France

Date: September 2008

Allow few moment for this virtual reality flash animation to load. Move around and feel how it looks being under starry sky of Atlantic coastline in Brittany of France in a clear moonlit night. The all-sky image is created from a mosaic of over 30 single photos taken from Pointe du Raz; an extension of Brittany into the Atlantic Ocean at the western tip of France. The Summer Milky Way extends all the way to the Ocean (see a still image of the Summer Milky Way portion of this view here). Bright light at the ocean horizon come from the Sein Island of only 250 inhabitants and a powerful lighthouse. The light beam illuminates the sea haze. Above them the Milky Way shines from the setting Cygnus (the Swan) all the way to the eastern Horizon where Orion and bright star Sirius are rising. An elongated faint light crossing the Milky Way on the left of Orion at east is not a light pollution but reflected sunlight from dust in the solar system plane, known as the Zodiacal Light. Laurent Laveder/

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