Belt of Venus and Earth’s shadow

By: Juan Carlos Casado


Region: Europe

Site: Tenerife - Spain



Night arrives at Mount Teide in a clear evening twilight. The Pico del Teide, is a volcano in Tenerife Island (Canary Islands) of Spain. The World Heritage Site reaches an altitude of 3718 m above sea level, and approximately 7500 m above the floor of the Atlantic Ocean which makes Teide the highest point in this Ocean. As noted by the photographer "this image was taken shortly before sunrise toward the antisolar zone (centered in the Teide volcano). One can see a pinkish glow or antitwilight band that extends roughly 10°–20° above the horizon. The glow is separated from the horizon by a dark layer which is the shadow of Earth in the atmosphere. The arch's light rose color is due to back scattering of reddened light from the rising Sun and is named the Belt of Venus. The quality of the Teide sky is evident in this image that shows the phenomenon with a unusual purity of colors. British astronomer Piazzi Smyth was in Tenerife and was the first to demonstrate in 1856 that the sites of high altitude offered clear advantages for astronomical observation." Juan Carlos Casado/

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