Milky Way above Sein Island

By: Laurent Laveder


Region: Europe

Site: Brittany - France

Date: September 2008

The starry sky of the Pointe du Raz; an extension of Brittany into the Atlantic Ocean at the western tip of France. The Summer Milky Way extends all the way to the Ocean. As noted by the photographer "lights at the horizon come from the Sein Island of only 250 inhabitants and a powerful lighthouse. The light beam is illuminating the sea haze. The Sein Island is the only source of light pollution visible from the Pointe du Raz. On its lower right is the Vieille lighthouse and the Tourelle de la Plate lighthouse (bluish) on the left. Above all, the Milky Way shines from Aquila (on the lower left) to Cygnus (on the upper right) which star Deneb is along with the nice and odd shaped North America Nebula." Laurent Laveder/

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